Livewire channel to multicast address conversion

Livewire is Telos' audio over IP standard, which uses channel numbers as an alias for the multicast addresses it actually uses.

If you're using Livewire with other AES67 sources you may need to convert the channel number to a multicast address, or convert the AES67 multicast address to a livewire channel number so they can work together.

I made these calculators to translate from one address system to the other.

More info from Telos: What multicast addresses are used by Livewire.

Convert Livewire channel number to IP Address

Type in a livewire channel number (0-32767) to calculate the source and backfeed IP addresses.

  • Source IP:
  • Backfeed IP:

Convert IP address to Livewire channel number

Type in an IP address to calculate the Livewire channel number and type.

Livewire Multicast Address Ranges


  • to - Livewire audio channel 0 to 32767
  • to - Livewire backfeed audio for channels 0 to 32767


  • - Livewire high rate clock
  • - Livewire slow rate clock (used for Standard Stereo streams only)
  • - Livewire advertisement and source allocation
  • - Livewire GPIO

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